Is Couchtuner Blocked? Top 10 Alternatives to Couchtuner for Watching TV Shows and Movies

What Is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is one of the popular streaming services for watching contents without any subscription or account creation. It lets people enjoy TV series and movies online completely for free.

It never holds the responsibility for hosting the contents on their servers and showing them to viewers. However, it acts being the database and redirects the people to various streaming websites.

The interface made it easy for the viewers all across the world watch the contents hosted on other service providers. The viewers all across the world found it extremely easy to stream the contents hosted on HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, Tuner, DC Comics, Otter Media, etc.


Why CouchTuner Blocked?

Couchtuner even used to stream several TV shows and online movies without following copyright protocols. This led to the frequent block-up of the service in most of the countries.

This online streaming network never owned permission to stream the copyrighted contents. The issue went serious resulting in the blocking-up of the service by most of the reputed internet service providers. Ultimately, almost every single country all across the world banned CouchTuner.

The effort was raised by the organization in the form of the inclusion of the sub-domains, yet it never proved enough and got recognized by the ISPs. Ultimately, the efforts in the form of sub-domains including,,, etc were also blocked.

This led to the conclusion that the service has already died without any possibility of getting raised again. Yet, there remain several Couchtuner alternatives in 2019 and the viewers need not worry at all. Unlike the previous one, these websites are authentic enough for streaming the contents.

The alternatives have proven an authentic destination to stream online content like that of the previous one. Even most of them are strengthened enough with maximum sets of features and specifications for enjoying the stuff online.


Top 10 Alternatives to Couchtuner for Watching TV Shows and Movies Online:


Putlocker CouchTuner alternative


Following the rise in the popularity of the site, there exist wide website categories under the same name. Yet, all of them are not at all better for providing free access to thousands of movies and TV shows online.

Putlocker is the best among all for making the users entertained with a wide list of best movies and online TV shows. The database of the site is updated on a regular basis to let the users enjoy the extent of entertainment. The newly released movies and TV shows are updated on a regular basis.

The one thing which makes the site different and somewhat problematic is to create an account for accessing the features and functionalities. Similar to CouchTuner, the site is also frequent in broadcasting the copyrighted contents.

Following this exceptional functionality, the site claims to have 15 million of traffic every month. The traffic is going on increasing consistently as well. The traffic comes from the countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

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FlixFor Live Streaming


This is another best CouchTuner alternative available with a huge database of TV shows and movies. The best attractive part of the website is the non-display of any of the ads throughout the streaming hour. This feature makes the users entertained and stress-free.

The interface provides the users with a unique look and feel and the users can watch even without the sign-up process. Users are given the facility to create the playlist of their desired TV shows and movies. They can additionally share them instantly with family and friends.

Despite the available free features, there is even a facility of the VIP menu. The users can access the contents of the menu after paying a nominal amount. Yet, most of the users never try for the same as the free features are more than sufficient.

At the home page, the website lists out the facility of the latest released movies and TV shows as well. In addition, the users can access the most popular section and recommended tab also.  

Due to the versatile categories of features, the website is extremely popular among the users. It has over 10 million followers. The majority of traffic comes from different countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and India.



123MoviesHub Streaming


Almost all of us enjoying the movies and TV shows online are well aware of the most famous environment However, during the time, the website even got shut down due to consistent problematic issues.

Yet, there exist several other websites with a similar name and 123MoviesHub is one of them. The users are required to sign up for movies and TV shows. Without initiating the sign-up procedure, the users can get access to watch the movie and TV shows trailers.

Te users can navigate throughout the website due to an enriched level of the user interface. Every single stuff is well-categorized on the site for a better browsing facility. The users never feel irritated to watch the ads on the sites. Yet, it never means that the ads will never appear.

The website separates the categorization of TV shows and movies independently. However, the users are required to search through the available search bar for the available list of TV shows. The site never lists the TV shows like that of the movies.

123MoviesHub is considered among the best CouchTuner alternative with over 1 million users every month. The traffic comes from top-rated countries including the US, UK, Australia, etc.



MovieNinja Live Streaming


This is another best CouchTuner alternative available to watch TV shows and movies online. As compared to the previous one, MovieNinja’s interface is much better. There are thousands of movies and TV shows available with versatile options for browsing.

The home page of the site lists out the categories under several sections. All the sections are further subdivided into several parts for quicker access and instant browsing facilities.

MovieNinja never hosts the files on the own server. The entire set of contents is provided by the third parties for entertainment purposes. Similar to the CouchTuner and other alternative sites, the users are given access to watch the movies and shows without even the sign-up processes.

The website is claimed to drive over 6 million every single month. The traffic is generated from all over the world listing major countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. This is one of the reliable and most lovable alternatives to the previous one.



Vumoo Live Streaming


This is another famous CouchTuner alternative for providing excellent user interface and experience. There exist a huge database of online movies and TV series. Maximum contents on this platform are available with extreme HD quality.

The homepage itself lists out the latest movies and TV shows in an entirely different section. Users are given access to stream the videos without performing the sign-up action. However, they are given extra advantage after doing the sign up on the site.

The site’s design and the interface is premium as that of the premium movies hosting sites. The users can even get the details of the movies and TV shows by clicking on the thumbnails.

Vumoo is one of the best options for the online streamers of the TV shows and the movies. Additionally, there is over 2 million traffic per month drawn from the premium countries.



YesMovies Live Streaming


The site’s interface and design make it much better than CouchTuner in all aspects. The massive library of available movies and TV shows categorized with different approach makes it unique.

The homepage itself categorizes the versatility available under the site. The site is banned in few of the world’s countries due to some issues.

The free or paid VPNs can be tried in such countries or the other alternatives listed earlier can also be tried. Some pop-ups appear while browsing as the ads are the only earning sources.

There are 15 million or above visitors every single month. The traffic is driven from the top-rated countries including US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia.



Solar Movie Live Streaming


It is one of the best CouchTuner alternatives and one of the free available streaming sites on the web. Due to the massive popularity, there exist several other sites on the web with a similar name. However, the most authentic one is

The users can access the contents available on the site without performing the signup action. There is a massive range of movies and TV shows listed with user-friendly browsing capability.

The feature which makes the site different from other alternatives is the facility to request for the desired movie or TV shows. The administrator gets the request and immediately makes available the requested stuff without any unwanted delay.



Look Movie Live Movies


Lookmovies is considered as one of the best CouchTuner alternatives with a big database of online TV shows and movies. Users are provided with a facility to watch entire TV shows and movies without any registration procedures. Similar to the previous one, the entertainment is available anytime with the best quality outputs.

Lookmovies is not only good looking as compared to CouchTuner but it provides a much attractive interface and enhanced the user interface as well. There is a presence of two different categories in the header of the website. The website individually arranges TV shows and Movies categories in two different panels.

Moreover, it has a huge database of shows and movies available online along with versatile filtering capabilities as well. The good looking and handy user interface make it looks like a premium streaming website. There exist display ads but the users never get annoyed with the consistent pop-up ads or redirection like issues.

The available forum for the users makes it completely different from the other similar available sites. As per the analytic report generated by SimilarWeb, the site has approximately 5 million visitors all across the world. The majority of the viewers are from the US, UK, Canada, and India. It is one of the best available alternatives to Couchtuner.



Movies Joy Live Streaming


It is another favorite destination for watching TV shows and movies online. Similar to other various alternatives, this site even holds no requirement for signup processes.

The users get instant access to thousands of TV shows and movies available online. The site has a premium interface and exceptional browsing capabilities for the available stuff.

The homepage is sufficient enough in making the viewers understand about the available sets of functionalities on the site. There are several sections arranged for better browsing.

There are several sub-categories for both the available categories including the movies and TV shows. Popular, Recommended, and Latest types of categories make it easy for users to go through the contents. The site never irritates the users with continuous ads.

However, the site holds the right to display the ads as and when available. Ads are the major earning sources for the site as it does not charge any fee from the users for accessing the contents. The site is much better in several aspects than the Couchtuner.

The site claims to have a traffic of over 4 million per month. The traffic sources are assured to have from the premium countries including US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia.



The site is considered among the top-rated CouchTuner alternatives available with a versatile range of features and specifications. The domain is blocked in some of the countries but yet the site is active in top-rated countries including US, UK, Philippines, and Canada.

The interface and design of the site are iconic and loaded with exceptional browsing capabilities. The movies are listed with HD qualities for enjoying with complete entertainment functionalities. HD movies are in demand and the site’s such feature attracts the viewers.

The domain name keeps on changing frequently due to the free listing of the movies and TV shows all over the world. Get in touch and enjoy the site. The users being fond of the site for watching the pieces of stuff feel convenient in accessing the files without any difficulties.



To sum up, CouchTuner has been blocked in most of the countries but there still remains a wide range of similar sites for frequent browsing. The websites discussed in the above paragraphs are iconic and much better in comparison to the already blocked Couchtuner.

The above listed CouchTuner alternatives are definitely more than sufficient for the entertainment geeks all around the world. Get in touch with either or all of the above and enjoy at full pace. All the mentioned alternatives hold different aspects for streaming the movies and TV shows.

The design and specifications are provided differently by the developers for easiest and best access to the online entertainment mediums. Most importantly, every single site is well-categorized for streaming the pieces of entertainment stuff without any question of doubts.


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