How Many Seconds Are In a Year?

Have you ever imagined the total number of seconds in a year? Are you curious in knowing the conversion factor for the same? Let us have a cool discussion on the topic.

Concerning the issue of the total number of seconds in a year, we should first understand the concept of an astronomical year. Any astronomical year of one particular rotation around the sun is 365.2 days. 

The above mentioned fact definitely makes us convenient in calculating the following facts:-

I astronomical year = 365.2 days

I day = 24 hours

I hour = 60 minutes = 3600 seconds

Total number of seconds in 24 hours = 3600*24 = 86400 seconds

1 year = 31557600 seconds.  

I calendar common year contains 365 days

Therefore, the total number of seconds in 24 hours = 31536000 seconds. 


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Concerning the above mentioned figures, we can have a look upon the calculation based on the astronomical year and the calendar year. 

The difference between the total number of seconds in astronomical and calendar year can be calculated as the difference between the two figures. 

i.e. 31557600 – 31536000 = 21600 seconds. 

Calculation with respect to the leap year

One leap year has 366 days in total.

The total number of seconds occurred in a leap year will be 31622400 seconds.

In order to find out the total number of seconds in a year, it is recommended to further break the length of a single year into further smaller divisions. 

The users will find it easy to calculate the same without any bigger confusion. There exist several fields where such a type of frequent conversion is required. The fields such as Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics require the readers with adequate practices to immediately calculate the outputs. 

Concerning the issue of entire seconds in a year calculation, every single aspect is based on the duration of the day as the fixed time slot. The length of the day and accordingly the length of every single year vary with respect to the movement of the earth’s closest satellite- The Moon. 

The Moon is known to perform the following list of actions:-

  1. It immediately pulls up the oceans along with the tidal waves. 
  2. The drifting factor of the moon from the earth’s surface at a variable rate of 1.5 per year. As much the earth drifts far away, the earth’s movement in accordance automatically slows down. 

Coming back to the original concept, we are free to model the rotation with an equation imagining that the x is years and y is the length of the total year. 

Accordingly, the following measurement will come out in the form of hours, seconds and days:-


y = (6/1400000000)x + 18 hours

y = (360/1400000000)x + 1080 minutes

y = (81600/1400000000)x + 64800 seconds


Every single bit of mass moving away or towards the earth’s surface will affect the rotational speed. 

Yet, considering the movement on the basis of normal, astronomical, calendar years, the calculation has already been done in the above paragraphs. 


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One thought on “How Many Seconds Are In a Year?

  • October 24, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    a year
    in Gregorian calendar is 365.2425 days = 31,556,952 seconds
    in Solar year is 365.24219 days = 31,556,925.216 seconds
    in Jalali calendar is 365.24219852 days = 31,556,925.9521 seconds


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