Starbucks Logo – Overview of Evolution, History & Success Story

Hey! Are you a coffee lover? Do you feel energized with a sip of coffee early in the morning? Does it act for you as a mood maker for whole day hectic working hours?

Then, you must be willing to explore one of the world’s biggest and finest coffee brands ‘Starbucks’. Starbucks is a world-renowned coffee brand founded in the year 1971 as the local coffee bean retailer.

The brand is headquartered in Seattle and comprises of about 20891 stores in 62 countries all across the world.

Starbucks logo is one of the most recognized business logo admired by coffee lovers all across the world.

The logo is acquired with Greek mythological ethics and depicts a symbol of topless mermaid during the 1970s. However, it has been modified currently and appears as a much-simplified version.

The logo’s popularity can be noticed as an iconic symbol in t-shirts, brochures, websites and many others.



History of Starbucks Logo:

No one ever imagined that the Starbucks business can cross over $21.3 billion in the year 2016 when it got started in the year 1971.

Starbucks Logo 1971

Three men without any prior business experience decided to start the first Starbucks store. Jerry Baldwin (an English teacher), Zev Siegel (a history teacher) and Gordon Bowker (a writer) came together to sell the bags of roasted coffee beans.

All three noted historians studied together at the University of San Francisco. Soon after the launch of the pre-decided initiative, a man named Alfred Peet suggested them to initiate the manufacturing of signature style coffee beans.

The idea seemed impressive for them to start a company for supplying beans to the general market.

Now it was the turn to put the brand name of the company. The company was named Pequod after a whaling ship in Herman Melville’s American classic, Moby-Dick. Later, one of them found an old mining map printed with the name ‘Starbo’ over it.

Accordingly, the company name ‘Starbucks’ was born. The original Starbucks logo evolved as the image of ‘twin-tailed mermaid’ also known as ‘Siren’.

It was based completely upon the Greek mythology with the fact that sirens lured sailors to a shipwreck off the coast of an island in the South Pacific.

The logo built up a brand image to make the company become the biggest coffee brands globally over a period of time.

As the days passed away, the logo encountered several dramatic changes when it got acquired by Howard Schultz in the year 1987.

The brand name working as Starbucks coffee tea and spice also renewed to become only Starbucks coffee.

The corporate polished look made the logo much appealing along with the originally framed ‘Topless Mermaid Design’.

Whenever someone prefers to search Starbucks near me, the iconic symbol makes them confident enough for a brand purchase.

The popularity of the logo attracted a world-renowned t-shirt and promotional manufacturers to embed it for gaining maximum worldwide sales.  

Starbucks gift card balance provides the option for the order with attractive discounts and offers.


Starbucks Logo Evolution:

The uniquely recognized size, shape and soothing colors of the Starbucks logo make it convenient for the people to recognize. Starbucks menu even comprises of this iconic logo proceed ahead for ordering a cup of coffee in the restaurants.

Siren in green and white color scheme still appears as an iconic symbol of the logo. The brand lovers never forget to remain updated with the logo designs to proceed for a doubt free order.

Starbucks near me searchers yet finds it easy to place the coffee order using iconic brand symbols. 

Starbucks logo design evolved over the years with regular updates. Let us have a look over the period of evolution with the given sets of points:-

Starbucks Logo in 1987:

Starbucks Logo in 1987

It was the year when the second version of the Starbucks Logo was designed. Bare-bodied mermaid or siren covered with a flowing hair was depicted under the design.

The company’s brand name got featured in wordmark inside the circle.

Two stars on either side were embossed for making it glow like a diamond. Additionally, the logo saw an update in the introduction of green color palette for representing uniqueness, growth, freshness and reliability on the Starbucks coffee product.

The updates went on after being acquired by Howard Schultz ion the year 1987.

Starbucks Logo in 1992:

Starbucks Logo in 1992
Starbucks Logo in 1992

The naval was now been taken away by the designers and only a fishtail was visible in the logo. Green and White color palette remained over there.

The company name reflected a brand presence in wordmark inside the circle with two stars on either side. After the regular time period, the logo noticed an update for enhanced business popularity.

The company founders and chief advisors concentrated simultaneously on taste improvement along with the logo updates as well.

The strategies obviously worked as the company never ever noticed a serious downfall in brand popularity. People fall in love with the Starbucks menu and preferred to order among a versatile range of coffee taste.

Starbucks Logo in 2011:

Starbucks Logo in 2011
Starbucks Logo in 2011

Noticing an exceptional business growth, the chief design icon contained in the logo in the form of mermaid grabbed major changes.

The business logo has seen an enlarged image of the Siren in green color fulfilling most of the logo area.

The wordmark and the star suddenly disappeared from the design to make it look much appealing. However, it was the decision implemented by the company founders and logo designers.

Soon after the release, it faced harsh criticism in the public all across the world. The business even noticed never ever downfall in the sales due to such an update.


Design Elements of Starbucks Logo:

Circle goes with a combination of Green, White and Black colors. It often consists of numerous meanings for this symbolic representation.

There exist a two-tailed siren wearing a starred crown and framed around a green circle in which the words “Starbucks Coffee” are written for better credibility.

The logo is easily recognizable for the people to identify as a brand icon.

The inner-circle under the logo is ready for representing secrecy.

Masonic stripped leggings for getting identified with proud.

Double stars are relevant for the next pictures.

The hair of the Mermaid represents a shape of 333 or 666.

Whenever people find it gets difficult to locate Starbucks near me, the iconic design elements make it easier for them to place orders via a reliable chain of restaurants.

Starbucks Menu contains an awesome range of coffee tastes to choose from and build your day for a full day working schedule.


Starbucks success story:

The CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz belonged to a poor family and born on July 19th, 1953 at Brooklyn, New York. His father worked as a truck driver and as army trooper in the early days.

He spent three consistent years as a salesman in Xerox corporations and then joined Hamamaplast, a Swedish company.

The company was involved in selling several home appliances including the coffee machines to Starbucks.

The company found Howard’s attention quite impressing during order for several coffee making machines. He was offered to meet the original company founders named Gerald Baldwin and Gordon Bowker.

Howard was hired by the company as the director of retail operations and marketing. There were only three Starbucks stores at that time and the company relied upon his excellent marketing skills.

During the year 1985, he proposed an idea of opening the Starbucks store in Italy which got seemingly rejected by the two company owners.

He took it otherwise and decided to leave the Starbucks company in the same year.

He then went ahead for creating his own coffee company called ‘Il Giornale’ Italian for ‘The Daily.’

His business went on growing exceptionally and the success graph moved ahead of Starbucks consistently. Finally, during the year 1987, Starbucks was purchased by Il Giornale for a price of $3.8 million.

Starbucks succeeded in becoming a public company in the year 1992. Starbucks sold its shares on the New York Stock Exchange for $ 14 a share, the price rose up to $ 33 in just one day.

For achieving much customer’s attention, during the year 2008, Howard successfully opened over 7100 Starbucks stores and in the year 2010, the profits tripled from $ 315 million to $ 945 million.

The consistent efforts of Howard Schultz put the Starbuck Stores to achieve an annual sale of over $16 billion raising the net worth of this iconic personality to over $3 billion.

Success depends upon the consistent efforts to achieve the target. Strategies matter the most to give it a face of success. Moreover, one must admire the self-respect values.

This is what made Howard purchase a company in which he was working as an employee some time. Go ahead and tell the world, ‘you too can…”.


Worth to learn from Starbucks:

Logo plays a vital role in the brand promotion of the initial startups. When the design elements represent the meaning more than merely the design, the brand value becomes much iconic among the people.

This is what the company relied upon and finally proceeded to promote the marvelous coffee taste with easily recognizable global coffee brands.

The brand inclines its origin from the ancient Greek mythological ethics. The iconic Mermaid symbol given importance all over the logo is sufficient enough in attracting the people’s attention.

Mermaid being the universal symbol of beauty, freedom, and intrigue makes the masses fall in love with the brand and the world-class coffee taste.

Moreover, the quality of coffee services, personality of the brand and vital key aspects for getting easily recognized with professionally built graphics play a major role.

It is quite impressive for the new entrepreneurs to learn a lesson of promoting their initial startups giving importance to the logo.

Much better the design of the logo, more will be the people’s inclination to make the brand globally popular. Starbucks logo played a major role in inconsistent success over a long period of time.  



To sum up, are you convinced by the facts associated with the globally reputed Starbucks logo? Obviously, you must be. Startups never fail if dealt successfully with extreme dedication and best efforts.

Starbucks got initiated with nothing but a long term vision to make it a globally reputed brand with the dedicated efforts of the three friends.

Every single aspect of the business was given importance. The suggestion of gentleman to promote the brand value with the company logo worked a lot. Soon after regular time periods, the logo gained a worldwide reputation.

It even encountered a situation when a little bit of change in the logo design made the people rude towards their brand. This is what the brand value means.

Updates are required but prior market research is compulsory for knowing the people’s vision on the updates. Ultimately, the customer is the king to make the business successful.

Their choice must be addressed to make the product successful even before the launch. Whenever someone proceeds for Starbucks near me, the brand awareness with the iconic logo yet works for easy addressing process.  

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