How To Do Strikethrough Text in Gmail: Tips and Tricks

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Hey! Are you curious to get an idea regarding how to do Gmail Strikethrough Text in Gmail? Do you find the method convenient in carrying out your daily works?

Yes, despite not allowing this facility by Gmail from 2018 onwards, there are some ways of doing this operation conveniently.

It is not that much difficult to allow strikethrough text in Gmail. You should be doing as well.

However, if you want to have some easiest and glorious ideas for the same, just go through the article in detail. You will find the four easiest methods of doing the same without any hassles. 

How to do Gmail strikethrough:

Method – 1:

Copy the strikethrough text and perform editing:

Let us initiate the process of Gmail strikethrough with this simplest approach. If you don’t feel convenient in downloading and using the script, this method can work out best for you. 

Just go ahead with the following list of steps:-

  1. Just copy the strikethrough text and paste the same on the Gmail compose box. 
  2. Move the mouse cursor next to the strikethrough text in the Gmail compose box. 
  3. As per your requirement, just start writing the things after the text. 
  4. The text just after the strikethrough text will also appear similar to the strikethrough format.
  5. After completing the writing process, just proceed by erasing the already copied word. 

To make the Gmail work as earlier for writing purposes, just press ‘ Ctrl + \ ” after selecting the text from the compose box. 

Method – 2:

Using the Inspect Element to Proceed with the Operation:

This method will be easy to understand for all those individuals being convenient in writing and understanding the HTML coding.

In this Inspect Element method, we will be using the ‘Strike HTML’ tag with the inspect element functionality. 

The method is exclusively applicable for computer users only. If you are using Android, iOS, etc, never proceed with this method of implementing Gmail strikethrough.

If you want to strikethrough any specific word inside the mail, then also the method works fine. 

Follow the following list of steps for performing the operation with ‘Inspect Element’:-

  1. Open the Chrome browser and select the text in the Gmail to which you want to indicate a strikethrough. 
  2. Go ahead by doing a right-click and selecting the option ‘Inspect Element’.
  3. You will be able to view the ‘Inspect Element’ window in the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. You fill find the highlight portion of the code as well. 
  5. If this highlight does not appear, just repeat the operations once again. 
  6. Under the small editing window, you will be viewing your e-mail in which the Gmail strikethrough is essential.  
  7. You simply need to add an open and close tag before the start and after the finish of that word. 

Every step is now complete. You should note that the HTML supports the ‘S’ tag for strikethrough operation. 

After finishing the steps, proceed towards clicking the Gmail compose box. Close the ‘Inspect Element’ by selecting the ‘X’ icon. 

For normal computer users, this method of doing Gmail strikethrough may seem a little bit difficult.

However, you can master the operations after a few practices.  Just go ahead with the strategies and master this art of doing strikethrough.

Method – 3:

Using Google Docs Strategy:

This method is even the popularly used method for doing strikethrough operations. You should initiate the process by writing a text in Google Docs and selecting the strikethrough option from there.

Now, you are ready to copy and paste the text from there into the Gmail. 

For drafting a complete mail, you can go ahead by typing entire mail in Google Docs and pasting the text into Gmail compose box. 

You must be wondering why I am not recommending you all to use MS-Word for performing the operations. The answer is very simple to understand. 

Whenever we copy any of the text from MS-Word to paste it somewhere else, it copies only the text without any formatting.

This will not work in this case, and that’s why it is essential to use only Google Docs. 

Let us understand the steps with the following sets of points:-

  1. Simply open the Google Docs site and log in using your existing Gmail account.
  2. Now, go ahead by clicking the ‘+’ icon for opening a new document.
  3. Now, type the text as per your desire and finally proceed to select the same. 
  4. After doing the selection, go to Format-> Text -> Strikethrough

The shortcut key combination for the same in Google Docs is Alt+Shift+5 and you will see the similar happening.

Either to activate/ deactivate the function, just keep on using this shortcut key combination. 

You are now ready to copy the finally edited Gmail strikethrough text. Soon after copying, just paste it at the place as per your requirement. 

Method – 4:

Installation of Chrome Extension:

To perform the strikethrough like operations, you should prefer downloading the extensions available with Chrome browser. 

Chrome Browser:

  1. To initiate the option of strikethrough using the Chrome browser, just reload the Gmail tab. Now, proceed towards selecting the text for doing the strikethrough operation. 
  2. Right-click over the same and go to the option Strikethrough etc. Now, select the ‘short strikethrough’ option to carry out the procedures.

This method is in use by most of the users located globally. You can install the extension under your Chrome browser and proceed to do the functionalities for the same. 


To sum up, every single option among the four are worthy for performing Gmail strikethrough with effectiveness.

You can go ahead with any of the options for experiencing a complete level of satisfaction and dedicated accuracy. 

This is one of the vital functionalities essential for users of different types. The option proves helpful for the writers, document editors, and other professional individuals working on the computer systems to accomplish their tasks. 


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