What are the Differences Between Ymail.com and Yahoo.com?

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What are Yahoo.com and Ymail.com?

Yahoo.com is one of the best e-mail services launched during the year 1997 by an American based company, Yahoo!.

There exists a huge fan follower of this iconic e-mail service to make it integrated with online communication services.

It integrates e-mail, social networks, instant messaging service, SMS text messaging, etc. to name a few.

Exceptional search results are provided by their own search engine technology in addition to several other searching options.

This is one of the most authentic and popular online destinations on the web to fulfill the user’s requirements.

It offers the facility to access a web portal, online directory, search engine, mail, news, videos, maps, along with several other countless ranges of services.

Yahoo directory, Yahoo mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo groups, Yahoo answers, are among the few most famous services provided by the company.

In addition to these, Yahoo even incorporates online advertising, online mapping, fantasy sports, video sharing, etc to name a few.

Yahoo Mail! is obviously one of the famously used services by globally located users. Free e-mail account creation facility is provided with dedicated storage spaces for attaching the biggest size files.

Facts and Features about Yahoo.com:

  • Yahoo.com started the journey being the bookmarked list of two simple university students named David Filo and Jerry Yang studying at Stanford University.
  • The effort got initiated as the bookmarked list during 1994 on the internet and later took the form of internet-based multi-million dollar company during October 2005. During the year, Yahoo was reported to serve over 3.4 billion page views all across the world.
  • Initially, Yahoo was known as ‘Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web’. However, it later became popular with the abbreviated name YAHOO whose full form is ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’.
  • Yahoo mail is committed to offering free e-mail accounts with 1 TB online storage capacity in association with yahoo.com, rocketmail.com, and ymail.com like domains.
  • Yahoo.com provides the facility of advanced and smart filters to remove unwanted junk mails from the primary inbox. Free form labeling like features adds much to the efficiency of Yahoo.com to make it unique over other similar platforms.
  • Users have the flexibility to access yahoo mail on the web using the features including POP and IMAP to name a few. We can even experience the facility of forwarding the emails to another e-mail address.
  • Uahoo.com allows users to create disposable e-mail addresses for frequent creation and deletion based activities.
  • There exist about 200 auto filters under the interface. Users are provided with the facility to instantly block e-mails and instant messaging services if desired.  
  • There is a provision to access two-step authentication and on-demand passwords for added security of the mails. Application passwords are even implemented if required.

It provides the feature of YCollect mail from additional POP-based accounts and permits the users to send from these addresses using the web-based interface.

  • Yahoo.com interface is updated with the feature of being responsive with multiple ranges of handheld devices. On mobile devices, it is offered with exceptionally powerful native applications especially on the Android and iPhone devices.
  • There is a facility to avail encryption by default for security-based purposes. It is applicable for all the connections with Yahoo mail using apps, web and via POP, IMAP and SMTP.
  • There is a facility of virus scanning to protect the e-mails from online threats.
  • Advertisements are obvious in most of the cases as they act as the revenue sources for the company. Yet, if the user wants disturbance-free browsing, they can choose the paid services of Yahoo and enjoy their requirements in an easy go.

The most popular Yahoo Mail! service provides the users with a facility to hold the messages with descent searching capabilities.

There is a provision of smart folders, yet the searching categories can never be placed under the same.

In this case, more than 200 premium filter looks after the same to automatically file the incoming e-mails.

The IMAP and POP access provisions help forward the e-mails automatically without initiating any instructions.

The communication between the device and Yahoo is even encrypted by default to provide secure access to the environment.

With the consistent switch over to the handheld devices including mobile phones, Yahoo equips the users providing a rich web-based application interface.

There is a facility to access the complete archive and offline search based activities. Most specifically, the iPhone and the Android devices are provided native applications with the features including support for attachment, contact integration, etc.

Advantages of using Yahoo.com over other similar services:

  • Yahoo.com is lashed with highly equipped Yahoo Messenger service allowing the users to video conference up to three people completely for free.
  • Live video chat and conferencing are not bounded to any specific time limits. Users can enjoy hassle-free internet calls using the well-equipped feature of Yahoo.com.
  • Users are provided with the facility to update their status on Facebook and Twitter like platforms. We can easily sign into the Yahoo account using the Facebook account and continue chatting with our friends using the contacts.
  • It provides the facility to e-mail like a pro with ad-free access of the environment. A monthly fee is charged for letting the users experience a secure environment.
  • It offers free CSS and JavaScript codes to the developers for enhancing the web pages and making them much interactive for enriched user experience.
  • Tumblr and Flickr are the two most famous services working under Yahoo corporations. Users can create informative blog posts with Tumblr and share all over the world just with a mouse click. Similarly, Tumblr provides the facility to share high-quality photographs with the Flickr community.
  • Users can fulfill their desire of asking as many questions as they want and get suitable answers. Yahoo Answers lets the users utilize the platform for asking questions and getting the most appropriate range of answers.   
  • Soon after typing yahoo.com on the browser’s address bar, a wide range of options appears in front of the users.
  • There exists a trending section to access news and remain updated with the latest happenings. There is an option to log inside the Yahoo mail account and even customize the My Yahoo page.
  • Users can instantly pick up the topics of their choice and view the same in a personalized layout and theme. It lets the users experience special attention towards them.
  • Similar to Google, there is even a provision to search the web using the Yahoo search engine. Users can type their queries inside the search bar and get access to a suitable range of results relating to their queries.

In addition to the above-mentioned facts, features and benefits, there remain several added specifications concerning Yahoo.com.

The service came up with a revolutionary approach to integrate the users and making them aligned towards using internet-based services in their daily schedule.

The situations went on changing and the day arrived when everything real or virtual is possible merely with a simple mouse click.

The initiation led consistently to generate several other internet companies meeting the necessities and bringing the world towards the cloud computing edge.  

Introduction to Ymail.com:

Ymail.com is one of the famously used optional domain names for Yahoo account.

It is an e-mail service offered by Yahoo especially for the activities concerned with the mails. Users are given the provision to create an account using Ymail.com services and offered with the domain extension as abc@ymail.com.

It is basically an e-mail suffix provided under the Yahoo services. Soon after signing inside the interface, the users can choose among the available e-mail suffixes including ymail.com, yahoo.com and rocketmail.com.

For example, users are free to choose among abc@ymail.com, abc@ymail.com, and abc@rocketmail.com as per the availability.

Facts and Features associated with Ymail.com:

  • The domain Ymail.com was launched in the year 2008 i.e. 11 years after the launch of Yahoo.com web portal.
  • The e-mail suffix with the name ymail.com was launched alongside rocketmail.com. It was assumed to provide a completely new user experience with both these e-mail suffixes.
  • The users availed an added flexibility of choosing the desired e-mail address under the Ymail.com service. If the chosen email address used to show unavailable, then it most probably gets appeared under Ymail.com suffix. It obviously provided the users with added satisfaction.
  • Simple and easily understandable e-mail addresses were obvious with this brand new e-mail suffix catering to the requirements of millions of globally located internet users.
  • The Ymail.com email extension added much to the desires of the users all around. Awareness regarding the same went all around and the popularity of Ymail.com got raised consistently.

Yahoo.com can be considered a broad spectrum under which there reside several ranges of services.

Yahoo directory, Yahoo mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo groups, Yahoo answers, are among the few most famous services provided by the company.

However, Ymail.com is merely a small entity considered under the occurrence of Yahoo.com.

It only relates its services to e-mail id creation, e-mail sending, receiving an entire e-mail concerned facilities.

Accordingly, there stands a massive difference between both the two with added specializations. Obviously, the entire range of services provided with Yahoomail.com is natural with Ymail.com as well.

This is because both the Yahoomail and Ymail are concerned to meet the e-mail requirements of Yahoo organization. Both are the different e-mail suffix under the provided services.

Points of differences between Yahoo.com and Ymail.com:

  • Yahoo.com is one of the top internet service providers including web-based searching, e-mail, news, finance, answers, etc to name a few. However, Ymail.com is merely an e-mail suffix provided under the e-mail services of Yahoo.com.
  • Soon after the launch of Ymail.com in the year 2008, Yahoo came up with a diverse range of selecting the preferred e-mail addresses. Previously, there was the provision to select the e-mail ids merely with Yahoo.com e-mail suffix.
  • The Yahoo.com e-mail suffix made the limited possibility to search for the desired e-mail address and opt accordingly. The provision exploded the wings all around for the increased popularity of the famous Yahoo.com e-mail services.
  • However, soon after the launch of Ymail.com suffix, Yahoo came up with increased user’s satisfaction as they became free to select among a wide range of desired user names.
  • Both the e-mail services including Yahoo.com and Ymail.com are available as free e-mail services over the public domain. Anyone has the flexibility to use the e-mail domains and create the account accordingly for increased user experience.
  • Unlike Google’s famous e-mail service named Gmail.com, Yahoo.com is providing added facilities to the users in the form of two other e-mail suffixes named Ymail.com and Rocketmail.com.
  • For example, any of the users can create their e-mail account using Gmail with the e-mail suffix @gmail.com. However, Yahoo makes it more flexible providing the users to create their e-mail account with any of the three available e-mail suffixes including yahoo.com, ymail.com and rocketmail.com.  
  • Just to understand, Ymail.com can be considered an asset under the house of Yahoo.com. Under this house, there exists different furniture, household equipment, and assets to build up a complete house. If there will not be Yahoo.com, it is impossible even to imagine the existence of Ymail.com.


With reference to the above sets of facts and figures, it is extremely simple to understand the differences between Yahoo.com and Ymail.com.

Yahoo.com is an organizational setup under which e-mail services can be considered a part of Yahoo’s approaches.

Under the e-mail service, there exist ymail.com suffix providing added flexibility to the users in creating the e-mail accounts.

Accordingly, Yahoo.com is a broad spectrum and Ymail.com is only a small entity to be considered for creating the e-mail accounts.

There remain many more differences between the two which can be understood by going through the complete article in detail.


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